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Parallel Profits Review – Is Parallel Profits ACTUALLY Worth It?

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Parallel Profits Review

Parallel Profits by Customer Service is a management function that aims to provide individuals who deal with the entity with information about the nature of its business, services and goods that it provides to people. It is also defined as a set of principles and skills that characterize specific individuals within the company or organization and make them capable To maintain customer satisfaction, and individuals who deal with the establishment almost permanently.

Customer service is one of the strategic functions of any business in the world. It helps to enhance the communication between the establishment and the targeted individuals. The more the company provides services close to the people and meets their needs such as the telecommunications companies, The role of customer service in carrying out its work, and its important role in interacting with people in an effective and efficient manner.

Customer Service Characteristics

There are a range of characteristics that characterize customer service:

❂ The means of communication between the company and the surrounding external environment.
❂ Contains all information about the nature of the goods and services provided by the company.
❂ Usually available on a daily basis, all the time, even on public holidays.
❂ Helps provide initial solutions to customers if they have problems while using the product or service.
❂ Be sure to apply questionnaires to identify customer satisfaction with the service provided to them.

Customer Service Objectives

Customer Service is committed to achieving the following objectives:

❂ Preserve the good reputation of the company by taking care to follow all customer requests.

❂ Participate in increasing the number of clients, by motivating them to provide symbolic rewards to them.

❂ Excellence in providing services to all customers in order to maintain their continuity with the company.

❂ Commitment to tolerance, patience and not to deal with boredom, or nervous with customers.

❂ Understand, understand each client, and try to deal with him in a calm manner, even if angry, and contribute to finding logical solutions to the problem it faces.

Customer Service

Customer service depends on means of communication to achieve the purpose of its existence, and the most important of these means:

❂ Customer Service Telephony: is one of the most widely used means of customer service. It depends on receiving calls from the connected customers, then identifying them and answering their inquiries accurately.

❂ Customer Service The Internet: is a type of customer service, which depends on responding to messages received by customers via e-mail, or through the activation of dialogue with them based on instant messaging or what is known as chat to provide all assistance to customers.

Types of customer service

Customer service is divided into a variety of types, including:

❂ Internal Customer Service: It is the service of all customers who are connected to the company, and may be employees or sub-agents, and are intended to assist them in the event they encounter any problem in dealing with a new service, or if there are queries at Other clients deal with the company relying on them.

❂ External Customer Service: It is one of the most popular types of customer service. It contributes to the provision of services, responding to inquiries related to external customers or who are connected with the company through continuous service based on contract or subscription. The most common examples of this type are: Customers of telecom companies, and the provision of Internet service.