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What Are The Benefits Of eCommerce To Organizations Customers And Society!

– E-commerce helps the seller and buyer to spread internationally and globally and reach a wider scope of import and export.

7 Figure Cycle E-commerce is one of the most inexpensive and non-specific sources of time. It is more convenient, faster, and easier to obtain, sell, buy, import, export and market your products online.

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle Live Results

Benefits Of eCommerce To consumers

E-commerce gives consumers the option to shop online 24 hours a day, at all times of the year and from anywhere in the globe, and provide support to reach business owners, businessmen and products to be accessed.

E-commerce is often one of the cheapest places to shop because the seller can shop in many online sites and compare the goods of each company easily.

Your use of e-commerce will enable you to reach the best without any hassle or travel, or if it will require a visit to any country. While it is more difficult if it is necessary to visit each different geographic location only in order to compare goods in terms of quality in price and cost, electronic commerce facilitates the sale, purchase, import and export operations by sending the goods quickly and easily to the seller or buyer, Information needed in seconds or minutes via e-commerce.

In contrast, it may take days and weeks to get a refund if you order a product from another country. E-commerce may also allow participation in virtual auctions. E-commerce allows customers to exchange experiences and opinions about products and services through online communities such as trade forums that are interested in import and export operations. eCommerce also encourages competition, which means lowering prices between suppliers and importers.

How can I convince my customer about my products?

Buying and selling is not as complicated as some might expect. It is simple if you can take a course in how you sell and buy

The general approach of the buying and selling process is defined as a plan for selling and marketing the product.

Your enthusiasm as a trader in displaying products

The conviction and excellence of the services provided make it easier for you to convince the customer. When you sell a product, all you have to do is to be satisfied with the quality of the product and its importance to customers, to evaporate the negative images of the 7 Figure Cycle Review product and credibility with the customer and to speak realistically in the sales process and so on.

Always show the importance of your product

It is important to show the importance of the product and distinguish it from other products that are better and to clarify to the customer that what interests you first is the interest of the customer and not the desire to complete the sale.

The pressure on the customer faded

The high pressure on the customer will cause a large failure to complete the process of buying and selling online or the process of direct selling and buying,

So you should avoid this unjustifiable pressure and learn how to make your client a good listener.

Learn to read body language in the trade process

The successful trader must have the talent and be aware of good behavior with customers and try to understand the client by working to leave enough room for the customer to talk so be very close to the client and leave him a measure of thought and mental freedom.

Make your customer feel comfortable and confident and be knowledgeable about the product so you can market it professionally and always ask yourself why customers come to buy your 7 Figure Cycle product and do not go to others.

How To Start Your First eCommerce Store?

After graduating from the university, I decided to enter the world of entrepreneurs by creating an online store where I can employ my skills and ride the entrepreneurial spirit that Saudi Arabia is experiencing these days.

Since then, I have been looking for experiences that preceded me in this field for Saudi youth models who went through this experience to benefit from their stories. Unfortunately, the 7 Figure Cycle Review sources were very scarce. None of them recorded their personal experience in creating their own shop in a complete and detailed manner. So I decided to start from scratch, and learn, and then share my experience with others from the door of “Zakat of science published.”

The first step was to create the team, we were three college fresh girls thirsty for our next adventure in life, so we decided to make our next project an electronic store.

what’s the idea? we do not know.
When will we get it? we do not know.
How will we implement it? Also do not know.

After six months of learning, hard work and effort, on April 17, 2014, we launched our first online shop for the sale and marketing of Roses.

Now that we have harvested the fruit, I think that everyone should share our little experience in 10 easy steps. Perhaps it is a starting point for you to start your first online store, and the next Jeff Bezos

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

How to start your first electronic store in 10 steps?

1. “Idea” is the nerve of the project

Whatever your execution of your project is so perfect and perfect, I fully believe that the idea is the most important thing. Many people I know have all the ingredients of a successful project but have been late in launching their projects – some for years! – because they can not find a unique unique idea they can bet on. I like Paul Graham when they asked him, “How can we choose ideas for new projects?” He replied, “Imagine yourself living in the future, and then building what is missing.”

Take your time searching for an idea for your next e-store, hoping for what’s around, and asking yourself, “What’s the thing I wish there was a special store to sell?” Ask around yourself this question and collect their answers, perhaps you will discover an idea you never thought of before. Do not rush, think well before you decide. (This post-writing column may help you generate ideas)

2. Feasibility study and building business model

Did you choose the idea? Excellent! It’s time for you to move on to the next step.

If you do not know how to prepare a feasibility study for your idea, you can use many consultants that provide services to small and medium-sized enterprises at reasonable prices (such as OceanX or Eastern Business Services It is supervised by a selection of the most prominent Saudi girls in the fields of marketing and accounting.

On the other side of the scale, you should start building your business model. Fortunately, the great publishing house “Jabal Amman” translated the famous book “Creating the Business Model” into Arabic and allowed everyone to download part of it for free through the book site from here. This book is a valuable treasure It is important to be in the library of every Arab professional entrepreneur (you find in the library of Jarir and the shop papers).

3. Identity design

Now the features of your project are clearly shaped, the idea exists, the study is there, the plan is there, and now you are preparing for the actual launch. At this particular stage it is very important to give your project a professional character, by designing an integrated identity for your project and choosing a distinctive logo with distinctive design and colors that you will encounter whenever you talk about your project. “I can see how professional you are in designing the identity you chose for your project!” I was surprised that he did not comment either on the idea or on the plan, But on the design of the store logo!

Many young Saudi talents – whom I am truly proud of – have brightened their star in the world of identity design. Such as Sulaiman Abdullah, Abdulaziz Al Jafan, Maha Al Rayes, Abdullah Al Shehri and many others who you can use to design a stunning and wonderful identity for your project. (By the way, my friend Kholoud is offering free logo design for emerging projects as a voluntary initiative. You can communicate with her through the initiative page at Instagram)

4. What will you sell?

Product, the second most important corner of the project.
What products will you sell?
How will you sell it?
How will the outer shape of the product be?
Do you need factories to make containers or similar?

While we were working on a rosette shop we needed to look for factories to manufacture plastic containers, do not hide you. The process was very cumbersome at first because of our previous knowledge of these things. But after the search discovered a great treasure opened to us by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Saudi Arabia through its website, which is an industrial directory that collects a list of all the factories located in the Kingdom by type of activity or city in which there is contact data in front of the name of each factory. * Thank you.
The final form of your product is very important, as you develop your product imagine yourself that you are the client .. Would you like to buy this product you developed? Are you ready to pay and buy it online?

“Search and compare” is useful at this point, look for products that are similar to your product – whether in the local or global market – and compare your product with these products.

Is there a feature in your product that does not exist in others?
How can you benefit from the features of products already in the market?

Make sure your product is superior to others.

Also important at this stage is “pricing”, pricing is an accurate process that you should take care of and choose the price that best fits your product and achieve a profit margin that benefits you. There are several types of pricing, this topic will benefit you a lot.

5. Resources

I mean all the resources your project needs to show professionally and formally, from financial resources, through the commercial registration of the project – and this is a very important step – and registering your brand.

Of the resources that are also important to you as an electronic store are the suppliers from whom you will bring your goods. If you are cooperating with large companies or for example well-known brands, it is best to make sure that you are done with them at this stage. As a tried-and-true advice, make all your dealings signed by the parties to ensure your right and things are clear from the start. If you are confused about how to draft contracts, I advise you to hire a law firm that provides consulting services to small and medium enterprises.

6. Processing the website

Enthusiasm started!

Now that we are in Sanam el Gamal, developing your website is one of the nicest and most exciting stages to go through. The subject is much easier than you imagine, the Internet is now full of ready-made e-shops that you can use and install with the click of a button.

– First start by booking your domain (here is a detailed explanation in English)
– Choose the platform most suitable for content management, there are many e-commerce platforms are easy to use and some are free. The most popular are OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento, and finally the Shopify platform.
– Start developing your own storefront, or buy a ready-made theme and install it directly (the theme varies depending on the platform you choose), or you can hire a web developer to build your store.
– It is important during the development of your site attention to detail, try as much as possible to be a convenient and easy to use and every part of your site is completely clear to the user. It’s best to make multiple payment options for the customer to choose from and trust. Please take care of this point a lot.

7. Open bank accounts for your store

Now it is time to start opening bank accounts for your small shop so that your customers can transfer payments to you. (It is important to mention here that you have to issue a commercial register for your store so you can open a bank account on behalf of the institution. All Saudi banks require a commercial register for your project until the account is opened) . When we got to the step in the process of building our shop for refunds, we took care of which banks we choose so that they are suitable for most customers. Ask someone around you and do a quick survey to see which banks are the most convenient and convenient for your customers. More professionally, you can issue a Visa card on your organization’s bank account to use to open your own PayPal account and make it a payment option in your store. I personally trust the stores that allow me to pay using PayPal.

8. Shipping and delivery service

One of the most important fundamentals of your online store is choosing the shipping company that will deliver the purchases to your customers. There are many reliable shipping companies such as FedEx, Aramex, DHL, UPS, Saudi Post. Recently, new carriers such as Alma Express and SLS Express have emerged. It is worth noting that some of these companies offer payment service on receipt “COD: Cash On Delivery”, others do not offer (FedEx, for example).
As a business with a commercial record, shippers will deal with you differently. In other words, you can open an account with them so that the price of each shipment is reduced according to the number of shipments you send per month, the higher the number of shipments the less the amount per shipment (Etgar announced months ago an agreement signed with shipping companies to reduce the cost of prices Shipments to reliable electronic stores, here the news item). Once the account has been opened with your name, the shipping company will deliver you your own shipping policies (printed with the sender’s data that is your store) and all you have to do is fill in the sender’s data – your customers.

9. Packaging Service

After the customer has made the purchase, he must prepare his purchases securely and neatly until he is shipped and delivered to the customer without any damage or shortage. In fact, when we were looking for suppliers who provided packaging services for our small project, we found them very few. Most of them were factories that required that we print large quantities of shipping crates (10,000 cartons as a minimum!), Which of course exceeds the budget of any new project. So we started looking for other destinations that offer us what we want in the amount we want and at the price that suits us. We found that the only competitor in the market currently is: U-Moov Packaging Services. We also found some of the providers of packaging and shipping solutions at small costs suitable for small enterprises (including paper, for example).
10. Congratulations on you store!

Imagine the expected scenario for the client’s shopping process from your store, and let’s check the completeness of all the steps:

Opens your website ✔︎
Browse Products ✔︎
Add them to your shopping cart and complete the payment for your store account ✔︎
You are then processing the application ✔︎
And delivered to the shipping company for delivery ✔︎
Excellent! You are now 100%

This was the summary of my experience in building our online E-commerce store «Shop and Roses», I hope this post is useful and clear to everyone. If you have had a similar experience, please share your experience and tips in the comments below, and I would be happy to read any suggestions or additions that might make this post more comprehensive and useful.

Now what are you waiting for? Start immediately by building your first online store!